About us


Our Journey

MicrobioTx aims to provide hyper-personalized wellness solutions to improve individual well-being based on latest scientific advancements.

The founding team comprises of Dr Palok Aich, a senior microbiome researcher - with decades of gut research behind him, Akanksha Gupta, a seasoned healthcare professional with a mission to improve healthcare for the masses and Dr Prashanth Dumpuri, an ex-silicon valley data scientist with extensive experience in medtech MNCs and startups. They are joined by a team of microbiologists, data science researchers and engineers.

Application of gut research for preventive healthcare is rapidly being proven, but is held back from mass adoption. The team is convinced that gut research needed to be within easy reach of the masses for their better health and is working to provide a simple, affordable and convenient microbiome based solutions.

Values that guide MicrobioTx