Personal Probiotics are developed to restore your gut health, for your unique gut profile only. Formulated in lab for individual user by gut microbiome scientists, the probiotic strains that are included in your capsule are chosen for you from of 25+ FSSAI approved, science-backed strains. Natural and non-habit forming.

Personal Probiotics unlock good health

Personal Probiotics are a powerful, scientifically proven formulation. Personal Probiotics has live probiotic strains, that become biologically active on reaching intestine, and boost your overall health. This leads to improved health and wellbeing, such as better digestive health, stronger immunity, a more balanced mood and  more positive energy to work. 

Benefits you can expect

As your gut dysbiosis starts to correct, you could expect health benefits such as better immunity, improved digestion, balanced mood, higher energy, among others. Benefits vary for each individual

Frequently Asked Questions

How many days would it take to deliver your personal probiotics?

Ordering your own personal probiotics has 2 steps

Step 1 - Gut Function Health Test takes about 10 days from the time we collect your sample to the time report is released

Step 2 - Personal Probiotics manufacturing requires 10 working days, from the time we receive your request to the time you get your capsules.

Is Gut Function Test necessary for the supplements?

Absolutely. Unless our scientists know what micro-organism your gut is deficient in, there is no way they can start making your probiotics for you

How many CFUs are there per capsule?

While the individual requirements may vary, we guarantee atleast 8 Bn CFUs in every capsule that we manufacture

How long does it take to see visible benefits from probiotics?

Visible results with probiotics take time, and we recommend consuming probiotics for atleast 2-3 months continuously.

Do you also have ready-to-order probiotics?

While we do not currently offer ready-to-use probiotics, we do plan to launch them soon. Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know.

What to not expect from Personal Probiotics?

Personal Probiotics are not a miracle cure-all capsules, they are also not quick-fix. Personal Probiotics work over time by supplying your gut with microbial strains that your gut most needs. The micro-organisms take time to colonise and grow within your gut, so results would not appear overnight

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